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Walking through the mists trying to find my way.....

He is my father/mentor/friend/guide he is my Lord Anubis

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Full Time Student at VGCC, hoping to graduate with a diploma in Pharmacy Tech in Dec 2010. WoW player, Loves Dragon Age, likes XBoX and trying new things. I can be a bit spazzy and spacey every now and again. Often I find myself daydreaming which may or may not be a good thing. I am pagan, I believe it's the person that counts not their race, sex, religion or sexual orientation. I am a giver and I am loyal and faithful friend to almost a fault. I am always there to be a shoulder to cry on and to lend an ear for those who need it. Hoping Mr. Right hurries up and decides to enter my life! Tired of Mr. Wrong! Any questions feel free to ask.